Yup, that's me

Yup, that’s me

So, I have my interests, Vicki says I have my manias… much like Mr. Toad from Wind in the Willows. I guess it’s true. I seem to shift from one interest to another, but I do come back to them.  My site contains many of the fruits of these manias. Hopefully these will be of interest to you and useful. I live in Winter Park, Florida, one of my manias. I have worked in the information technology field for over 35 years. I have retired once, from IBM, and have started a second career at Full Sail University. I joke that I work to support my manias, but I have enjoyed my work and the people I have worked with.

A lot of my hobbies involve collecting. My major focuses are computer chip collecting and collecting dead relatives, most people call this genealogy, same thing. Both of the collecting interests can be definitively classified as true manias: my chip collection has about 45,000 pieces, and I have found over 5,000 direct ancestors. I have worked on these collections for decades.

Family vacations have been a mania. The amount of planning that goes into them takes 6 months and results in a trip book of about 100 pages. We have been fortunate to have been able to do many of these over the years. I will be posting the itinerary and books as I get time. I create CDs, or more currently playlists, for the trips, so they are set to music. After the trip I make videos and use the same music to tie it all together. So, music playlists has become a mania music for vacations, holidays, and such. I’ll post them as well.

So, welcome again. I hope you enjoy.