I am Steve Emery, and welcome to our kindred interests site. I am in my 50’s, been very happily married to Vicki for over 30 years, have three awesome kids Stephen, Kate, and Marie. Vicki and I are fortunate to have the vast majority of our extended family living within 15 minutes of us, highly unusual in today’s highly mobile society. Family and friends are very important to us and we have made them a priority in where we put our time and treasure. As we raised our kids, we did as much as we could to help them develop their potential. I always felt we tried to treat them the same, encourage equally, support them the same, how they all came out with such different interests, still boggles my mind. In fact, through out our extended family the range of interests is pretty amazing.

KindredInterests is dedicated to my family and friends and their diverse interests! Each of us has a different view on life, experiences the joy of life in different ways, and deals with its challenges in our own way. We share a belief that family and friends are important and we need to support each other, and encourage each other. This is about sharing in the diverse interests that arise when we are given the freedom to explore. I am patient zero in this experiment of KindredInterests. I thought people might find our interests, obsessions, musings, and manias… interesting. So, please join us, and share in what interesting things we are doing.

I am the first Kin to post some interests. Click here, or Steve on the menu above to see my interests.

Kate has her own website. Click here to check it out, our click Kate on the menu.